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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Raw Valentine

A few years ago, at a winters farmers market, I was was given the gift of raw wool, straight from the farm of a local spinner. I wish I could remember who she was or how to get in touch with her. It was a bountiful amount and I never would have received it because I was not there that day. My friend Deana was there and she remembered the conversation I had with the woman two weeks earlier, who in kind brought me wool at no charge and gave it to Deana to give to me.

SO, I am putting it forward and creating things with it and gifting to others just as she had done for me.

It is amazing that the raw untamed product of this fibrous wool can become such beautiful little tokens of love.... it even had some of the grassy bits of hay that the sheep love to munch on making it all that more closer to the earth. Maybe I will be able to repay that woman some day with one of these tokens.

Happy Valentines Day!

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