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Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Heating Pad ~ Sew Easy

I have this old rotten heating pad that I have loved to death!  So I wanted to make my own, but didn't have all the info, especially the filler product.  I found some great tips from elm street life for making my own. I like to tweak it a bit and decided to make mine elongated to go up and down my back or to wrap around the back of my neck.

I started with some flax seed I got at the local health food store, very inexpensive.

Then I made my bag, very simple.... piece of scrap cloth, folded in two, sewn up the sides then made two more rows to create channels, leaving the top open.  I used a funnel to fill the tubes with the flax seed that I had scented with lavender, then sewed the opening shut.

 I found an old pair of PJ's that the elastic had failed in and used that to make a cover so it would look cute. 
Very easy and quick!

I was doing some research, very important stuff ya know.... and found that there are a lot of different things you can fill the bag with.  My last one was filled with rice and had a fantastic moist heat to it, but be careful when heating it in the microwave, only run it about 1-2 min and you might even want to splash a very small amount of water on it before turning on the oven.

Have a cup of tes and sit back with your new heating pad. :) Happy comfort time. ~nan