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Friday, April 13, 2012

Old Stuff??

Just because I did it a few years ago, doesn't mean its not valid..... right?  Not art?  Not worth the effort of grabbing my camera and down loading the image onto my computer?  But I tend to do this.  "Oh Ive' done that".  "I figured that out", and so I move on.  I wonder why I can't stick with a particular medium.

sea turtle bag

Painting, clay sculpting, felting, sewing... just some of the few forms I have worked with.  I have dabbled in many.  I see people who work on their craft, hone it for years, perfecting it, making it better, making them selves better, learning what makes them tick when they immerse themselves with it.

I'm so all over the place.

But maybe that's what I am supposed to be. Maybe to find me, I need to explore it all.  Each thing I make brings me satisfaction,  well most things,.... there was that time when I tried knitting.... people don't have more than 1 neck right?... needless to say, I need to learn to BE.....  Me with all my crazy distractions, my inventive spirit, and my childlike eagerness to learn it all, to do it all. Immerse myself in all of it.

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